Flat Bottom Pouches (Block bottom / 3D pouches)

Flat bottom / Block bottom / 3D pouches

Flat Bottom pouch (or block bottom pouch or 3D pouch) is the pinnacle of flexible packaging innovations. Not only are they the most aesthetically pleasing, but also the most convenient for consumers to use and more importantly reuse. They stand on retail shelves up-right with perfection, and have branding opportunities on five sides of pouch - front, back, both side gussets and bottom gusset.The pouches can be made with zipper or slider, and hence provide added convenience for end consumer.

Key highlights:

  • Outstanding stability, especially for lightweight products.
  • Attractive appearance on the retail shelves, either upright or lying.
  • Opportunity to display branding on all five sides of pouch.
  • Very convenient for the consumer to use the product directly from the pouch, with the resealable option.
  • Option of window to display the product.
  • Options of various finishes like matte, gloss, metalized, etc.