Degassing valve pouches

Degassing Valve Pouches

Degassing valve pouches

Certain products (like coffee) when packed emit gases (like CO2), expanding the pouch. Our degassing valves allow gases to escape, while ensuring no gases enter - thereby increasing shelf life. These pouches are very well suited for packing roasted coffee beans.

These coffee valves made with HDPE does not allow any gases to enter the pouch, while allowing the gases inside the pouch to exit. Any O2 entering the pouch could oxidise the coffee beans rendering them useless.

Key highlights:

  • Multi-layer pouches with foil ensuring high barrier.
  • Available with with all styles of pouches like flat bottom pouches, stand up pouches, etc.
  • Robust and good quality degassing valves.
  • Pouches available in various finishes like matte, paper, gloss, etc.