BOPP bags (WPP bags / woven PP bags)

BOPP bags / WPP bags

BOPP bags / WPP bags

BOPP bags (also known as laminated WPP bags or woven PP sacks or woven polypropylene sacks) are excellent choices for bulk packaging upwards of 5 Kg and upto 50 Kg. These bags are just the ideal mix of good looks and low cost. These are often used to pack bulk quantities of staples (like rice, pulses, sugar), pet food etc.

PP strips are woven together like fabric to provide excellent strength at a very economical price point. The bags are extrusion laminated with gravure printed BOPP for excellent visual appeal. We also provide option of window metalized so that the pouch stands out from the crowd.

Key highlights:

  • Economical choice for bulk packaging — 5 Kg to 50 Kg quantities.
  • Visually appealing and available in various finishes — matte, gloss, metalized, etc.
  • Options of having window to display the product packed.
  • Extremely sturdy to withstand abuse during transits.